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About Us


Prince William Forward Supports Leaders with a Proven Track Record of Effectiveness

Our vision for the future of Prince William County includes: 

An Economy that Works for Everyone

To facilitate economic growth we must allow all individuals to participate in the economy. Prince William Forward supports nondiscrimination policies which will keep our county open to everyone.

A Fair and Equitable Justice System

In order to further economic opportunity, the integrity of Prince William County's justice system should be unimpeachable. 

Protecting Individual Autonomy

In order to further economic opportunity, Prince William County should never criminalize any medial treatment authorized by a persons doctor.

Bringing Jobs and Economic Opportunities to the County

We must seize opportunities to bring high-paying jobs to Prince William County. Our county's residents deserve to have employment opportunities closer to home.

Supporting Sustainable Development Projects in the County.

Prince William County must embrace sustainable development projects now in order to create a more prosperous future.

Our Story

Prince William Forward was founded in 2023. We are a Political Action Committee committed to supporting leaders who share our vision for the future.

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